Leah Henderson

About Leah Henderson

For years, people have been drawn to Leah because of her warm and welcoming personality.  That, coupled with her natural ability to help empower people to follow their dreams and use their natural talents to feel fulfilled in life as they achieve success, has paved the way for her to be a life coach with a little something more.  The something more is what sets her aside from other coaches.  It distinguishes her from others, because coaching to her is as natural as coming alongside a friend as they take a walk and chat about life.  Because of this, coaching hardly feels like work for her because she enjoys it so much.

Leah has her BA in Communications from Georgia State University and her MS in Counseling from Cairn University.  Prior to getting her Master’s degree at the ago of 40, Leah was co-owner and VP at Arcuragi and Henderson Marketing Communications, a marketing and advertising firm specializing in B2B marketing and consumer education for the pharmaceutical industry, particularly diabetes.

After achieving her masters degree, she moved to Atlanta, GA where she went to work at Georgia Tech University teaching Psych 1000 as part of the university’s student retention program.  It was there that Leah found her true love in helping people discover their strengths, dispel myths from their pasts, to believe in their dreams, and to teach people how to design a path to get where they wanted to go.  She started her coaching practice in 2004 and has been coaching, writing and speaking on leadership, time management and achievement ever since.

Leah is also the proud mother of two grown children of whom she is tremendously pleased.  She is thankful that being their mom has been one of the most fulfilling jobs and has taught her a lot in her life.

When she is not working, Leah volunteers in her church and community and also, you can find her at her home on a lake in Atlanta, GA, where she enjoys gardening, bird watching, fabric arts, and laughing at her funny little dog, Luke.

From Leah:

I have been coaching individuals and developing custom workshops for 10 years. Each workshop is designed to help individuals from diverse backgrounds to reach their personal best. Workshops are designed to teach better leadership skills, team building, and to teach both leaders of organizations and employees how to successfully reach common goals.

With a background in industry, non-profits, higher level education, as an entrepreneur and counselor, I have an ability to support individuals and teams to reach a greater understanding of themselves and one another. Combining education and experience, I am a perfect fit for individuals in transition and businesses through organizational change. As a trainer and consultant, my structured lessons and exercises help teams become aware of how to increase their understanding of the importance of individuals related to the effectiveness of the team.

I am co-author of the book, Improv to Improve Your Business. The techniques I use are vivid imaging, the power of storytelling, and the use of your creativity, along with improvisational techniques to help you find your best life and best relationships. So lets work together to help you let go of your past, to let go of power struggles and say hello to a more peaceful and joyful existence.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, Leah

Specialties: Coaching, training, non-profits, soft skills, helping you write your business plan and marketing plan, career planning, work/life balance, professional development and team building

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I look forward to connecting with you and wish you many, many blessings.

BA- Communications, Ga State University
MS, Christian Counseling- Cairn Universitiy
Master Coach- World Coach Institute
Hypnotherapist – The Wellness Institute
Certifications: PRO-D- TAI, Inc, Changeworks, The Tension Management Institute
Additional Training – Comedy 101 – Jeff Justice, Improvisational Comedy – Brent Brooks