5 Areas of Focus and Expectation For Career Success

What are you hoping for in your career path? Big raises? Name recognition? The right title? Those are great hopes! None of those are the clear expectations that you should be concentrating on for career advancement. With the right planning, the things that you hope for will become your reality when you focus on these 5 important areas.

Career growth
Skills and Knowledge Development
Work-life Balance
Workplace Culture Adaptation
Job Security

Career Growth. One of the number one reasons that people leave their place of employment is because they felt as if they were in a dead end position. When you’re on a job interview, when the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” this is a great time to convey your own career growth expectations. The question needs to be very specific and formed in a way that doesn’t seem like you’re not interested in the position that you’re interviewing for. You’re interviewing for a specific position that the company needs to have filled. Don’t give the impression you’re not going to be reliable to that position. Instead, know yourself and your own career goals to feel out the interviewer to see the company’s plan for expansion. And once you’re hired, proving your worth and dedication, brainstorm with your boss about what pieces the company could add to your career development.


Skills and Knowledge Development. One your way to solidifying your career, seminars, training and networking opportunities will be instrumental in reaching your career goals. Ask your boss what opportunities there are for training and professional associations you could make for the company. Learning new skills and enhancing your knowledge, becoming seen and knows as the expert in your field is the grease on the wheels [...]

Monday Morning Internal Audit – Choose One Thought

Welcome to your new workweek!  You have power.  This is the one place where you have power over everything that happens and that is inside of you.

Right now, take a moment to check up on your internal dialogue.  What one thought do you want to tease out of all the noise of Monday Morning that will carry you through the week?  A few weeks ago my daughter got married.  On the Monday of that week, all of my thoughts were directed toward Saturday, the day of her wedding.  That week it was easy to find a direction.  What was the one thing that I wanted to accomplish that week?  The wedding!   Anything that happened that week, even if it was work related, had to be done so that my mind could be clear for the wedding.

This week my One Thought that will carry me through the week is Connection.  It will be my theme.  Everything that I do this week, every opportunity that comes my way, every rote duty that I perform will be brought underneath the umbrella of Connection.  When I do this, when I have a unifying theme, it challenges me to be in control of myself, to be more deliberate about my actions and if I find I have distracting thoughts, I can measure them against the word “Connection”.

Hello Monday!

LPT (Life Preparedness Training)


When children are young, it’s good to expose them to as many new experiences as possible so they can see and do new things, but also to watch and learn from you.  How are you handling yourself?  How do you relate with others? What do you do in situations where you’re frustrated, late, overlooked by a busy desk clerk or waiter in a restaurant?

A person comes into a new situation where their limits are tested, say, a waitress is obviously busy and not giving you the level of attention you are normally used to or expect.
Children who have been exposed to adults who are gracious and forgiving will politely remind the waitress of their needs, while the children who have not been exposed to life preparedness training by a mature adult might become demanding. As a result, at the table with gracious behavior , the waitress is sweet, thanks them for being patient, and offers them a free dessert.  At the table with the rude behavior, the waitress is just nervous, apologizes for their inconvenience and then forgets to offer a free dessert.
The children who are unprepared for life think that something magical is happening over there and that they are being punished.  They do not know that graciousness was taught and that it is something that they can attain with learning and practicing good manners.
The children who are prepared for life, not knowing that the other children were not prepared ahead of time for a difficult life situation, think that what’s happening at the other table is deserved and that the people at their table are superior and better people.  They will work hard in future situations to continue to [...]