10 Keys to a Happier Life – Part 1

Be your authentic self!

1. Be authentic.  This is the greatest gift that you can give the world.  Feel your feelings.  Those are yours and you have a right to them.  We are here to make an impact on the world.  In your corner of the world, who is looking at you?  Who needs the wisdom, care, love, and concern that your authentic self has to offer?   Oscar Wilde said it best, “Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”

2. Love Yourself Unconditionally.  When you love yourself, there is a good chance the next nine things will be much easier.  Yes, you have flubbed-up some things pretty badly and no, you haven’t done everything right.  But, you’re working on your stuff, right?  And there are some things about yourself that you’ve just decided to accept, right?  Loving yourself makes loving others easier.

Forgive yourself3. Forgive Yourself.  Remember we just talked about those things you flubbed-up?  Have you taken the time to also forgive yourself?  Sometimes just THINKING about something you’ve done that was embarrassing, unkind, or just plain dumb makes us cringe and NOT want to remember it.  However, if you’re remembering it with a cringe, take a few minutes to forgive yourself.  Understanding that we all need forgiveness makes forgiving others so much easier.

4. Be Confident.  We’ve already accepted the fact that you’re not perfect and that you’re not always going to get it right.  That takes off a lot of pressure, doesn’t it?  Allowing yourself room to make mistakes, taking yourself out of the “Most Perfect Person in The World” contest makes it lots easier to take that pressure off of others, too.  Confidence comes with putting your imperfect, best foot forward.

Keep moving forward5. Move Forward.  Now that you’ve got that imperfect best foot in the forward position, start walking.  Look around and see who’s walking with you.  Interesting…they’re all smiling!  Moving forward in life is something that everyone wants to do and sometimes once you start moving, you find out that there’s lots of room on the sidewalk with people just like you who want to move forward too.

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